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Spy x Family Chapter 63


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Spy x Family Chapter 63 Release Date

In the newest release, we go back in time, to learn about the secret of the world war going on in this world in Spy x Family Chapter 63.

In the most recent chapter, we saw the childhood years of Twilight and how that has shaped him to be the killer spy that he is now.

Spy X Family Chapter 63: What Will Happen Next?

Fans may look forward to the continuation of the battle tale in the next episode. Despite the fact that children in war are a difficult theme to tackle in a comedic manga, Spy X Family Chapter 63 will not disappoint. Damian is a young man who feels compelled to use his might to help the earth. This explains why he was often involved in such activities in school. Now, in the following chapter, we’ll see how he enters the western fight.

Despite the fact that his father’s words have left an indelible mark on his heart, Damian would not turn down the chance to participate in real conflict. 
As result, after long debate with himself, he chooses to take chance. 
However, the little guy might not be that valiant. 
In the following chapter, he might need to be rescued by an older expert.

Spy X Family Previous Chapter 62 Recap!

The 62 chapter of Spy X Family began with Damian and his classmates participating in a military rehearsal. The small youngsters acted as though they were on a mission to defend the planet from evil forces. Damian, on the other hand, received a smack from his father when he returned home. Damian had been playing warzone games with his pals again, and he was furious. His father told him that there was no conflict and that all he needed to concentrate on was peace. He was thinking about how much of a hypocrite his father was that night.

Damian refused to join his group the following time the guys played war training exercises. The news that the Eastern areas were going to war with the West was all over the news that day.
They all heard a bomb blow in the city at the same time. The Ostanian army had crossed the border and began operations against the eastern regions, according to the radio.

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To continue the journey of Anya, Twilight, and Yor together working as a family to save the country and come to understand each other better.

Spy x Family Chapter 63 will be released on 21 April 2022, as the manga releases a new chapter every 2 weeks.

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Twilight, the master spy, has spent his days on undercover missions, all in the name of a better world. But one day, command issues an especially difficult new order. He has to build a new life and form a temporary family for his mission?! A spy/adventure/comedy about a unique family!